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Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd. with total assets 3 billions, is a large inorganic fine chemical enterprise concentrated on the development and manufacture of titanium and zirconium fine powder materials. Our company is the public company with stock code 002601 listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise, one of the top 500 national chemical enterprises, outstanding private enterprise and one of the top 100 private enterprises recognized by Henan government. The main products of Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd. are titanium dioxide, zirconium and sulfate products whose scales are the top in China. Our products sell well all over China and also export to dozens of countries and regions such as America, Japan, Brazil and etc.. Our company is awarded as "Key Import Enterprises in Henan Province" and "Key Export Enterprises in Henan Province" for several years. It was certificated with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, GB/T24001-2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd. has set several research institution such as Technical Research Center of Henan Province, the production base of Henan Province Nanometer-tech Engineering and Technology, and the Research Center of Ti&Zr powder of Henan Province, and post-doctoral workstation and etc. Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd. bears several key technologies of Rutile Titanium Dioxide with independent property rights and is able to design and install single set sulphate process titanium dioxide production line with capacity of 200,000MT/year. We are the main drafting unit of national and industrial standards about plastic profile, cosmetics, non-pigment titanium dioxide, zirconium oxychloride, zirconium dioxide, zirconium sulphate, zirconium carbonate and aluminium sulphate.
Environmental-protection is the most for survival and development of Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd., and developing green recycling economy to achieve cleaner production is the basis and orientation for leapfrog development of our company. Henan Billions Chemicals Co.,Ltd. takes the lead in adopting the technology of sulfur combined with titanium in the industry which promotes the reasonable and comprehensive utilization of the resources and energies during the production of titanium dioxide. The technology of sulfur combined with titanium reduces the consumption and cost which get the approval of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Taking the reduction, recycle and reuse as the principle, our company strives to establish system of energy conservation and emission reduction and resources comprehensive utilization during the stages of beginning, process and result for achieving the zero emission of waste to reach the sustainable development.
During the 12th Five-Year Plan, relying on the existing Titanium and Zirconium industry and the facilities of water, electric, steam, gas and water treatment, our company plans to establish Henan Billions industrial complex. The complex comprises a fine chemical industrial zone and a new material industrial zone. The fine chemical industrial zone takes the TiO2-basis products as the main and the new material industrial zone adopts TiO2 extended products, end-use products and nanometer and ceramic new materials as the pillar. Our company will make great effort to make our TiO2 capacity reach 300,000mt/a at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan.
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